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What's it all about?
This page was initially designed to support Second Life (SL) but has now expanded to include other 3D online Virtual (Digital) Worlds (VWs) ... not just SL.

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A Bit of History
What did S.L. Teen Grid look like? - EXCITING! ... but closed Jan 2011
snapshots that are being sent by students who are in the  second life teen grid


The International Schools Island [i.s.i.]
International Schools Island was delivered on 9th September 2007 in the 3D virtual world Second Life ... and open to the public from 5th February 2008.
See an archive of growth on the BLOG s
  isi Blog recording the growth of an island

In early 2012 i.s.i. expanded to also be on an OpenSIM platform in the OGGrid ecosystem.

The main i.s.i. SIM in Second Life transferred ownership on 14 September 2012 to Tori Landau and was renamed "Moonstone". The SIM will be redeveloped differently under this new ownership.

Shamblesguru still owns and lives on the tropical SIM next to Moonstone ... called "International Schools Island 3" (isi3)
SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/International%20Schools%203/233/26/23

Many of the free teaching/learning objects that used to be on i.s.i can be found on isi3 scattered around the beaches ... organised just as 'Steptoe & Son' would have done.

International Schools in OSgrid

HyperGrid URI of i.s.i. in OSgrid is: 

My preferred viewer to use for visiting i.s.i. in OSgrid is Imprudence [Download]

You can view a screencast of one of my own first visits into OSgrid at



Building the International Schools Island in Second Life

CLICK HERE to go to the Blog


Second Life & Virtual Worlds Images at Flickr ... inc. some from i.s.i.

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