Data Collection
For teachers, data gathering will include classroom observation (2 x 40 mins or equivalent is recommended).

Besides observation instruments the second most common way of collecting data is through interviews. However it is not recommended that you agree to interview more than 5 - 6 people, because of the time commitment involved.

Observation instruments and / or interview questions should be agreed during the initial meeting.

Observation and Data Gathering
  1. Agree with your reviewee where you will be located in the classroom or meeting for the observation.
  2. Confirm that the instrument is as agreed at the initial meeting.
  3. After the observation check that the reviewee is happy for you to make a copy of the data to facilitate discussion at the Review Meeting.
  4. Give the original copy to the Reviewee as soon as possible after the observation - ownership of the data is with them.
  5. When collecting interview data:
    1. give the questions to interviewees in advance of talking with them.
    2. emphasise that they do not have to give data - this is voluntary.
    3. ask them to check through and sign the data that you have collected - they should be invited to amend what you have recorded before they sign it if they so wish