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Rentals of Land on isi (a feedback form is in the top left menu)

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So why rent or own land in a 3D virtual world like Second Life?
Owning or renting land in Second Life allows you to build, display, and store your virtual creations, as well as host events and businesses.

As an Individual:
... it is not actually necessarily to own or rent land in S.L. in order to have a professionally rewording experience, to network with others or to just have fun. But there are some who feel that having an area they can use as a base has added value to the experience.
A location where objects built or purchased can be left securely, a place where they are able to meet with colleagues and friends in an environment that is customised to satisfy individual tastes and preferences. The key is probably that it is an environment you can develop and control yourself.

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Shamblesguru Voom ... aka Chris Smith

Takeme Homewood ... aka ....

Internatonal Schools Island

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As a company or organisation:
... there are over a hundred of the worlds largest companies in S.L. and hundred more smaller ones, reasons for owning or renting land in S.L. include
- raising company profiles in an international environment (over 10 million subscribers)
- providing a showcase for products or services with demonstrations in same cases
- provide another option for communicating with clients or potential clients
demonstrating an appreciation for future technology
- hold meeting where face 2 face in the real world are not possible
- improve communication between staff especially if in different physical locations
- display products for sale
- reduce the companies carbon footprint when working online (Environmentally Friendly)
- give out information notecards and hyperlinks to company websites
- .... and even ... have some fun


Building and Management Support
It may be that you are not yet in Second Life, have no idea what an Avatar is, and don't know how to build or manage a building. BUT you appreciate that 3D virtual environments are here to stay and you would like to be involved.

There are a number of people and companies that have been set up to support you as an individual or support your organisation or company and make your introduction to Second Life smoother.

Second Life have a 'Solution Provider Directory' .....

Charges and logistics
Details about how to rent land for your own area on the International Schools Island
    - one area on the island has been set aside to allow land rentals to individuals
    - for the plot sizes and locations see the map below
    - there are 16 x 512sqm plots, 8 x 1024 sqm plots and one 512sqm island for rent
    - for full details of the rental agreement go to "sorry not yet finalised"
    - rental charges (U$1 - L$240 approx ..... L$=Linden Dollar . but fluctuates daily)
            - 512 sq metres, 110 prims L$ 400 per week or US$95 per year
           - 1024 sq metres, 220 prims L$ 800 per week or US 190 per year
           - individual mini island .. 512 sq metres, 130 prims L$ 1,000 per week
or US$200 per year
    - for more details email internationalschoolsisland@gmail.com


If you are planning to rent land in Second LIfe then we hope you will consider
International Schools Island as a possibility ...

Chris Smith

in S.L. ... Shamblesguru Voom
csmith at csmith dot info


Renta Areas in isi


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