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This page is designed to carry information to help inform discussions on how The Education Project Asia (TEPA) and other organisations and companies may work together to better support schools and education in general .... and ensure we stay in business by making any co-operation or partnership practically viable.

This information is for companies that provide products, solutions and services to educators. For more information about The Education Project Asia itself (& Shambles) CLICK HERE .. our aim is to offer support to International Schools across S.E.Asia ... over 350 .. Brunei Burma / Myanmar Cambodia China Hong Kong (HKSAR) India Indonesia Japan Laos Macau Malaysia Philippines Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand Vietnam

Specific affiliation strategies are listed below but keep in mind that they are only a selection of possibilities which do not necessarily fit in with your own business model ... please keep in mind that this is a negotiable process.

The main guideline I have for all negotiations:"is anything we do going to benefit students, teachers, support staff, administrators and families?" ... the financial rewards are important but not overriding ...
I suspect some may say the priority should be reversed otherwise we cannot provide the support in the first place .. point taken.

When I am asked for advice or solutions by schools then my strategy is to help clarify the issues involved, present a menu of possibly solutions and then to recommend a "preferred solution" which may save the school time and money. "Preferred Solutions" are initially chosen on their 'education merits' with any financial agreements being secondary.

I hope this is helpful to you and enables you to decide more easily how we work and if it is worth spending any further time continuing with your exploration.

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Strategies agreed with different affiliates, partners, sponsors and supporters at present =>

We have links with a number of 'affiliates' now and work in a variety of different ways including:
  • affiliate simply pay for advertising slots on the website
  • affiliates pay an annual fixed retainer for which I market the product or service using a variety of means (depending on the retainer) including:
    • ads on pages through the website (Shambles) www.shambles.net
    • a review / recommendation whole page on Shambles
    • exposure in the termly newsletter (have a look at this terms at www.shambles.net/newsletter) ... the subscription list is now over 5,000
    • exposure in listservs I'm active in
    • exposure when I'm in schools
    • exposure when I'm answering emails from teachers/managers .... I get a lot
    • there are even informal opportunities ... often in evening which are actually very valuable sessions
    • exposure at conferences and exhibitions, events - e.g. :
      • Oct 02 - attended Apple Computers Conference in Bangkok (1 day)
      • Nov 02 - invited by the British Council and the Gwongzhou Education Dept. to chair and present at a conference on ICT and ESL in China (2 days)
      • Jan 03 - attended elearning conference in Chiangmai (3 days)
      • March 03 - attended EARCOS Conference in Bangkok (3 days)
      • June 03 - exhibited/presented at 'ICT in Education' event in Bangkok (3 days)
      • Nov 03 - exhibited/presented at FOBISSEA Heads Conference
      • Nov 03 - TechEX in Bangkok to run workshops on 'elearning' and 'ESL and web authoring'
      • Dec 03 - Tanglin School in Singapore (5-18).. carrying out an ICT Review'
      • Dec 03 - Hong Kong WebSymposium - elearning
      • Jan 04 - BETT in London
      • Jan 04 - International Schools ICT co-ordinators meeting in Bangkok
      • Feb 04 - Borneo Heads Conference in Brunei
      • Feb 04 - ICT Inset in a Primary School in Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia)
      • March 04 - managing writers team for elearning course 'ICT for Teachers'
      • May 04 - ICT Review in Alice Smith School, Kuala Lumper, Malaysia
      • June 04 - ICT INSET Panaga School (Shell) in Brunei
      • August 04 - presenter at elearning conference in Bangkok www.elearningap.com
    • inclusion in an annual 'snail mailing' (see below)
  • affiliates pay a percentage on sales which happen on the affiliates own websites where purchases can take place, the business model on this is:
    • the 'sending' can be done using the same list above:
    • the commissions to TEPA/Shambles can come through
      • having an automated system (uses cookies) where the affiliate knows that a purchaser came for me and a percentage commission is paid ... this often uses one of the online companies that have set themselves up to do this sort of thing.
      • a non-technical solution ... purchases are told to mention "Shambles" for a discount ... you would then know they came form me and a commission paid
      • an exclusive agreement is made for commissions on all sales in a particular geographical region however they are receive
  • affiliates ask us to source new resellers or agents in the countries covered in S.E.Asia and either pay a 'finders fee' or a percentage of future sales.

We also do a regular (snail) mailing to all the (350+) schools each July for the start of the new academic year - affiliates can have materials included in this package. Other companies and organisations also have the option to have material included in this mailing even if no previous agreements with The Education Project Asia. ... contact me for charges and details ... .. but keep in mind that material is only accepted if of relevance and potential help to these schools. The covering letter with the August 2003 mailing can be downloaded HERE (190k) Note that this annual summer mailing option has been put on hold for 2004.

Advertising in the termly Shambles Newsletter
The termly emailed newsletter now has over 5,000 subscribers and is an excellent marketing tool as well as being informative. There are only five slots for advertisements plus editorial opportunities.
There is also the possibility of a whole newsletter being sponsored by a single organisation.

There are other models for marketing and co-operation ... including .. if I think a product or service is so useful to schools that I market and promote it regardless of any payment ... just have a look through the database of over 20,000 websites that Shambles links to.

email Chris Smith

For a list of organisations, individuals and companies I'm working with CLICK HERE

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