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There are a few ways that "Shambles" can compliment your own advertising or marketing strategy :

(i) The Website www.shambles.net
The website was initially designed to support the international school communities (and friends) across 17 countries in S.E.Asia (400 schools) : students, teachers, support staff, administrators and families.
Access is free with 99% of it being public.

Shambles uses Google Analytics to track website traffic which is now more than 10,000 individual visitors per day looking at over 15,000 pages per day - now a worldwide audience not just S.E.Asia visitors.

The "Shambles" website is well established in the major search engines and comes up frequently when searching with key words related to education and Asia.

Many pages on Shambles have a spot for advertising

(ii) The Newsletter www.shambles.net/newsletter
The newsletter was started in 2002 and is emailed out once a term, they are archived online and is free.

There are over 10,000 people on the mailing list, (plus an RSS Feed), many are working in international schools in.S.E.Asia

The newsletter has space for adverts and the opportunity to contribute towards editorial content

(iii) Podcasting www.shambles.net/podcasting
Four Podcasting series were started in 2006 and are growing in popularity and distribution .... there is an opportunity to sponsor a single programme or a series.

Support Shambles with a donation (through PayPal) if you feel suitable - many thanks if you do  .... Chris

webpage with others

Web 2.0 in Teaching and Learning on the Shambles website

The Shambles 'Forest of Theme Blogs'

Podcasts and Podcasting on Shambles

Shambles newsletter

Workshops offered by Chris Smith

Personal Learning Network for Chris Smith

Second Life ... 3D online virtual world

International Schools Island in Second Life

Shamblesguru on YouTube ... video online

Follow me on Twitter : Shamblesguru

niXtech Solutions is The Boutique Data Center offering dedicated IT facilities along with cloud based computing with a full array of appliances and services. Located near Copenhagen, Denmark, with secure infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment, privately financed, debt free.

The Shambles.NET Home Page: curating and sharing - teaching and learning experiences ... managed by Chris Smith (Shamblesguru)

(iv) Second Life (3D online virtual world) http://internationalschoolsisland.blogspot.com
One of the most exciting marketing (advertising) opportunities right out at the leading edge of technology is to have a presence in Second Life .. an online 3D Virtual World ... with over 9,000,000 residents,
Shambles has an island in S.L. called "The International Schools Island" which will be open to the public at the end of 2007.
For details of the opportunities available to you ... CLICK HERE .... but remember that we are still building and this page is evolving as the island comes alive.

(v) Google Adwords
At the risk of losing revenue (for Shambles) .... if you are looking for ways of advertising your school, product or services then I would highly recommend you also considered using Google Adwords .... this enables you to have simple text adverts that link to your own website.
These adverts are only displayed when people search Google for key words you decide or on webpages that contain your keywords ... which can also be geographical ... i.e. only displayed in Asia or a specific country.

You can set up your own Google Adwords scheme automatically online in only a few minutes .... and the important part is that you can stipulate your maximum monthly spending .. so you have full control of your budget.

Shambles does display adverts from the Google (Adwords Scheme) and you will often see adverts from international schools appear in these ads ..... the boxes in the top right .... of most pages ... and the low cost is very affordable.

For a list of previous & present advertisers, sponsors, affiliates and partners CLICK HERE
For additional details of how sponsorship, affiliation, partnerships can operate CLICK HERE

For advertising rates or any other questions please contact the webkeeper
Chris Smith csmith@csmith.info

email Chris Smith

The Mechanics for adverts

  • all advertisements are fixed to particular pages so when submitting an application then the page requested should be stated
  • spaces available can be seen by viewing the site, where advertisements are allowed there are a maximum of five per page (size 136x50) (except for the search results page)
  • minimum advertising period is one year
  • the minimum size of an advertisement on a page is 136 pixels wide x 50 pixels high but adjacent spaces may be taken up for greater height :
    • 2 advert space is 136 wide x 110 high
    • 3 advert space is 136 wide x 170 high
    • 4 advert space is 136 wide x 230 high
    • maximum 5 advert space is 136 wide x 290 wide
  • only single 136 wide x 50 high advertisements are available on the front page
  • advertisements should be static gifs or jpegs, no animations, sounds or other formats
  • advertisements may be hyperlinked to the advertisers own site
  • the Shambles webkeeper has the final say on the suitability of advertisements
  • advertisers already in place have priority on keeping that position when time for renewal, other potential advertisers may request a place on the waiting list for specific locations.

For other affiliate opportunities visit the commercial AFFLIATES SECTION on Shambles

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