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  Moving and Growing (4a)

Skeletal System
Skeletal System
A skeleton is an inner framework made of bone and cartilage. Bones are the hard material of a skeleton. The skeleton supports and/or protects the softer body parts of a fish, bird, or human. These animals are called vertebrates. They all have a backbone.
A human skeleton generally forms about 206 separate bones out of cartilage as it develops to maturity. Bones are connected to adjacent bones by joints. Joints are either movable as in the arm and leg or immovable as in the skull.
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Moving and Growing : BBC Multimedia Science
Moving and Growing : BBC Multimedia Science
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Moving & Growing - 4learning
Some animals have a backbone. Some do not. Animals with backbones are called vertebrates - backboned animals. Backboned animals have a hard body frame inside them - their skeleton.
Fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals have a skeleton. You are a mammal. You have a bony skeleton. Your skeleton grows with you
Muscles are able to contract and relax. When they contract, they pull on your skeleton. You move.
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