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  Keeping Healthy (5a)

What are Vitamins?
What are Vitamins?
Many people confuse supplements with vitamins, but not all supplements are vitamins (e.g. probiotics are not vitamins). So what are they exactly? Vitamins are a group of chemical compounds found in various food sources that are essential for the body’s functions. Basically, you need them to live.
Though necessary for normal growth and maintenance of health, only 13 vitamins are not created by your body and therefore needed from an outside source like food or supplements (thus deemed essential). Even then, they are only needed in small quantities, and they are fairly easily consumed in your diet.
Geritol multivitamins can be a great way to help support immunity and improve overall health. Containing vitamins A, C, & E in 100% pure antioxidant form, plus every vitamin and mineral established as essential in human nutrition.
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Doctor over Time
Doctor over Time
Visit doctors from 1900, 1950, and 1998 to see how each would treat the same illness
It didn't really matter what ailed you. If you were sick in 1900, your doctor couldn't do much more than provide comfort until your body defeated the illness, or until the illness defeated you. The doctor had a few goodies in his little black bag, though: morphine and aspirin to ease pain, quinine to fight off malaria, smallpox vaccine, and digitalis for heart failure.
This activity shows how doctors over this century would have handled the same afflictions. All you have to do is complain to the doctor, then see how he or she responds.
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Keeping Healthy : BBC Multimedia Science
Keeping Healthy : BBC Multimedia Science
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Healthy : Design A Game
A WebQuest for Middle School Health and Physical Education Links to QCA module 5A Science "Keeping Healthy"
Doctors are very worried because young people spend too long in front of the computer, and don't get enough exercise. The games that are played at school are sometimes not much fun for some people, so it's up to you to do something about it. This WebQuest allows you to invent a new game, and you are given almost a free hand to design it in any way you like. There have to be a few "rules" of course, but they are there only to help you - it's not as easy as you might think to create a good new game.
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Keeping Healthy - 4learning
Diets are not just for getting slim. You need a varied and healthy diet (not necessarily a slimming diet) to stay healthy, whatever shape you may be. A proper mix of foods will give you all you need for healthy growth.
You need regular exercise, too. Exercise helps keep you fit. When you exercise, your muscles work harder. Exercise makes your heart work harder, pushing blood to your muscles. Your pulse rate - the throbbing in your wrist - is caused by the blood being pushed round your body.
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