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Newsletter February 2007         aims, purpose & mailing policy
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item one  Shamble "What's New"   item seven  Contentious Areas on Shambles
item two  Shambles Podcasts Series   item eight  Librarians and media staff
item three  International Baccalaureate   item nine  Mixed Bag
item four  Foreign Languages   item ten  Free Courses Online for school staff
item five  Maps   item eleven  Google
item six  All about Money, Teaching and Learning   item twelve  Singapore : Web 2.0 workshops
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item one Shambles "What's New"

Last October I improved the security of Shambles ... now if you are using the forms to add a suggested link then you will now be asked to copy a security code. This is to reduce the amount of spam being received. These security codes are called 'Captchas'.

Shambles was also moved on to a faster more secure server, still in Hong Kong.

I have continued updating most of the country pages that list schools ... please feel free to check your listing and let me know if the school is missing or has incorrect information - unfortunately I had some trouble with email last November and lost some earlier changes sent ... you might have to send them again.
| Brunei | Burma/Myanmar | Cambodia | China | Hong Kong | India | Indonesia | Japan | Laos | Macau | Malaysia |
| Philippines | Singapore | South Korea | Taiwan | Thailand | Vietnam |

item two Shambles Podcast Series

Many brilliant interviews added over the last three months .... and if you are about to be interviewed for a new job then listen to Headteachers/Principals taking about their favourite interview questions .....

"Shambles TECHcasts" :         RSS feed to Shambles TECHcasts
Conversations with International Schools ICT Coordinators, Managers and Directors

"Shambles HEADcasts" :         RSS feed to Shambles HEADcasts
Conversations with International Schools Headteachers and Principals

"Shambles ASIAcasts" :         RSS feed to Shambles ASIAcasts
Conversations with educators in S.E.Asia in private and public sectors ... and those supporting schools .. a mixed bag.

"Shambles LIBcasts" :         RSS feed to Shambles LIBcasts Podcast series
Conversations with librarians and media staff in International Schools in Asia

| Podcasting General Info | Podcast Directories | Podcast Hosting | Podcasting Tools (Hardware & Software) |
| ESL Podcasts | Podcasts by Students | Podcasting and Education |

Shambles Podcasts logos


opportunities to sponsor shambles podcasts

item three International Baccalaureate I.B.

I.B. Asia Pacific Teachers Convention 2007 REGISTRATION PACK pdf file 500KB
31 March to 2 April 2007, Singapore
Focus is "Information Literacy Across the IB Programmes"

DP Regional Workshops Beijing World Youth Academy REGISTRATION PACK word file 400KB
6 to 8 April 2007, Beijing
Focus is ToK ... conducted in Mandarin

IB Asia Pacific Regional Office "2006 Fourth Quarter enewsletter"

Mixed Bag of Events
    - PYP & MYP Workshops at the German European School, Singapore GO
    - DP Workshops at Cliftons Training Centre, Sydney GO
    - MYP & DP Workshops at Guangdong Country Garden School, China GO
    - PYP & MYP Workshops at Cliftons Training Centre, Melbourne GO
    - DP Workshops at Narrabundah College, Canberra GO

item four Foreign Languages

This section is intended to focus mainly on Modern Foreign Languages with an emphasis on Asian Languages

Myanmar/Burma Keyboard
A freeware virtual Myanmar keyboard that may work directly with most XP softwares even with Word, ICQ, or MSN Messenger.

Japanese Language Learning Resources
Not only websites and worksheets ..... but also Podcasts, Wikis, Search Engines and Sound Effects


Interestingly I'm guilty of putting the Shambles "Maps" section under Geography when maybe it would be much better as a cross-curriculum resource.

But the reason for mentioning it here is that I though that "Google Earth" was a killer map application but I've found something else that would possibly be better suited for classrooms .... and easier for teachers to learn themselves.

Have a look at Flashearth
It is brilliant and allows you to use maps from other providers (not just Google) in a very friendly interface without having to download any software.

item six All about Money ... Teaching and Learning

Resources to help teaching about money are not always easy to find. There are several lists on the Shambles "Business and Economics" page at .... also ..... several calculators can be found on the page

Smart Money-User
"Abacus For Money" offers money skills education programs and workshops, corporate training, keynote presentations, as well as support with
one-on-one coaching sessions and group coaching for clients.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiadownload free resources

Monet Skills Education Programs and Publications
item seven Contentious Areas on Shambles

There are two areas on Shambles that have attracted a few (but only a very few) emails over the years from visitors who have expressed being uncomfortable with them:

Filter Busters
These are ways for students to beat the internet filtering or censorship that schools are operating

Paper Mills
These are websites and companies that for a few dollars will write a term paper or assignment for a student.

The philosophy (and Policy) for Shambles is "Forewarned is Forearmed" .. after all, the students are going to find (already) these areas themselves and so schools are advised to have them somewhere out in the open in the relevant school policy and practice documents.

The "Paper Mills" issue is part of the bigger challenge of Plagiarism in its many forms, and policy advice and 'anti-plagiarism tools' can be found at

When considering the filtering of school computer networks of undesirable materials then the technicians are the usual first line of defence as they are called upon to set up hardware and software solutions. But I would suggest that this is a much larger issue involving education more than technology and the whole area of information literacy. Advice to inform policy making can be found at

Of course the filter busters could also be used by schools who are trying to get around country filters but I won't, of course, condone this .... I hope the newsletter is not now being blocked.

item eight Librarians and Media Staff

Google Librarian (6th) Newsletter : Dec 2006
Lots of info but the item that might interest you most is : Add Scholar to your Site
You can add the power of Google Scholar to your library’s website. To add it to yours, follow the simple instructions ...

Google Librarians Newsletter => Blog )
Starting in January 2007, the Librarian Center made its home at, where you'll find the latest Google news, updates, and tips relevant to the librarian community. The blog includes links to the Newsletter Archive, the Your Stories page, and the Tools and Videos sections.

Microsoft Live Search Books
Microsofts answer to 'Google Books'. Live Search Books' "Search inside a book" feature also allows users to search the full texts of scanned books.

Microsoft Live Academic Search
Microsofts answer to 'Google Scholar'.... Live Academic Search lets you search academic journals and content for article titles, author names, article abstracts, and conference proceedings.

Teacher-Librarians in Hong Kong Public Schools
HK EMB (Education and Manpower Bureau) have implemented a mandate to apparently provided funding to all local (and subsidised) HK primary and secondary schools to employ 'Teacher-Librarians" .... with lots of training being offered at HKU SPACE .... well done EMB !

Google Scholar

Google Book Search

Welcome to the (Google) Librarian Central blog

Microsoft Live Book Search


 Mixed Bag

Web 2.0 Coming of Age
This second edition of the Web 2.0 publication is still a free download ... coming soon.

David Warlicks Keynote at k12 online Conference
In Oct/Nov 2006 there was the first online conference called "K12 Online" ... for teachers, administrators and educators around the world interested in the use of Web 2.0 tools in classrooms and professional practice. Much of the content of the conference is now archived and available online.
But I'd like to particularly recommend having a look at David Warlick's online pre-conference roving Keynote ...
it is unique in the style and presentation and a good focus for teacher discussions on Web 2.0 .... well done David

International Council of Associations for Science Education (ICASE) Conference
The conference in Singapore last November 2006 went very well and photographs can be seen on Flickr at
There are plans for the next one to be in Pattaya (Thailand) in late 2007

ESLMT Conference 2008
Thursday 28th February to Saturday 1st March 2008 Geneva, Switzerland
ESLMT is "English as a Second Language and Mother Tongue"
"Promoting Multilingual Student Identities across the International School Curricula"
ESLMT is an ECIS Group.

UK Teachers Pensions
If you are eventually moving back to the UK and qualify for a teachers pension then you might like to check on the changes that came into force from 1st January 2007

SEAMC : S.E.Asia Mathematics Competition 2007 (secondary students)
Well ... it all happened last week 1st to 4th February 2007 in Singapore.

2007-2008 School Calendars
The annual free downloadable A3-size wall academic calendar for 2007-2008 as a 'Word' document can now be downloaded from Shambles ... hope it saves you some time when planning for next year.

International Environment Youth Conference in Hong Kong
       download flier 2.5M pdf
7 - 14 July 2007 venue QESOSA Secondary School
How to Live in Harmony with the Environment through Active Participation
(presentations, papers,posters all in English) ... designed for students participation.

The ICT Register download flier 32KB pdf
The ICT Register is a network of innovative and cutting edge schools. The Register is looking for recruits from schools around the world with expertise in the use of ICT to transform learning. The ICT Register is a Specialist Schools and Academies Trust initiative, supported by (UK) DfES, aimed at increasing and improving schools’ use of ICT.

Coming of Age
Information about free web 2.0 booklet for teachers

ICASE Conference in Singapore








SEAMC 2007 South East Asia Mathematics Competition in Singapore

item ten Free Courses Online for school staff

There are many link lists on Shambles leading to free continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for all the different staff in schools, here are a few highlighted

CPD for Headteachers and Principals

CPD for Librarians and Media Staff

CPD for ICT (all staff)

CPD for Science Teachers

CPD for ICT Technicians

CPD for Special Needs


The Open University (UK) "Learning Space"
The Open University launched its first free online course last October in its new online "Learning Space" .... a free and open educational resources area for learners and educators around the world.
Learning materials are freely available for you to study in your own time, away from any formal teaching environment.
Visit the LabSpace to share and reuse educational resources. Download some learning materials, adapt to your needs: translate, shorten, extend, add examples... and then of course, place it back for others to benefit.

Tapped-In "Web-based learning opportunities"
The online workplace of an international community of education professionals.
K-12 teachers, librarians, administrators, and professional development staff, as well as university faculty, students, and researchers gather here to learn, collaborate, share, and support one another.
Excellent opportunities for staff in international schools .... a downside is that many of the live online events are "USA time" and so not necessarily convenient. (unless your own events of course)










OpenLearn:  making educational resources freely available

Tapped In :  online workplace of an international community


Google continues to grow ... I wish I'd brought shares ..... I could now be retired ;-)

Google Teacher Newsletter :      first edition  
Google and teachers have a similar objective: to help people build knowledge by providing greater access to useful information. Google recognizes the central role teachers play in breaking down the barriers between people and information, and they support educators who work each day to empower their students and expand the frontiers of human knowledge. The Google Teachers' Newsletter is one of the ways they are working to bolster that support and explore how Google and educators can work together.

The Infinite Thinking Machine
A brilliant set of linked resources for teachers media staff and librarians' professional development ....produced by Google.
"The Infinite Thinking Machine (ITM) is designed to help k-12 teachers and students thrive in the 21st century.
Through an active blog, an Internet TV show (video podcast), and other media resources, the ITM shares a "bazillion practical ideas" for turning the infinite universe of information into knowledge. We showcase examples of innovative instructional methods, talk with leading experts, and share real stories from the classroom to improve how we think, learn, teach, and live. And we try to have a little fun along the way."

Google Answers service has closed .... which won't come as a shock because most people I talk to never heard of it anyway .... Yahoo still continue to offer this type of service .... where you can ask questions on any topic, get answers from real people, and share your insights and for free in this case.






the infinite thinking machine

item twelve  Web 2.0 Workshops for Teachers & Schools in Singapore

On the 15th and 16th March 2007 I shall be in Singapore running workshops designed to mainly support teachers in public and private schools.

One of these is a one day event that is all about Web 2.0 in teaching and learning .... for complete beginners .... it's hoped, though, that those attending will at least already be comfortable using email and a web browser. CLICK for brochure (250KB pdf)
The day will be mainly presentations, demonstrations and discussion .... there will not be time for 'hands-on' activities as we hope to get through quite a large amount of content to help you decide where it might best fit into your own teaching and learning situation.

A second session is "Technology for Primary English Teachers" CLICK for brochure (250KB pdf)

Both session are being co-ordinated by a Singapore company, Synergyst who are also setting up some other sessions, not just web 2.0 .. see their website for details.

If schools or other organisations would like to use me during this visit or some other then please contact Cheng Fun at Synergyst

Having a local co-ordinator for visits makes it much more cost effective for schools to use my time as some of the expenses are shared.

So if you are looking for support related to all aspects of ICT across the curriculum in k-12 and are in Singapore then this is another option for you. ePortfolio at

for teachers

across the

Web 2.0

Technology for Primary English Teachers

 Advertising on Shambles

Surprisingly not many schools have taken up the advertising options on 'Shambles' : we get over 10,000 visitors and over 20,000 page impressions each day during term time.

'Shambles' is a free service because of sponsorship and advertising ... your support would be appreciated .. details at

Support Shambles with a donation (through PayPal) if you feel suitable - many thanks if you do  .... Chris
Support Shambles with a donation (through PayPal) if you feel suitable - many thanks if you do  .... Chris
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Shambles Puzzles
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then some solutions

  STOP PRESS (last minute items)

History of World Religions
History of World Religions in 90 seconds .. online video ... brilliant resource

Technology newsletter - TechNews (UK)
 TechNews is a new technology news and analysis service aimed at anyone in the education sector keen to stay informed about technology developments, trends and issues. TechNews focuses on emerging technologies and other technology news.
Each issue contains news related to the following main subject areas ....
1. Networking and wireless 2. Hardware 3. Multimedia 4. Software and internet

Model United Nations at Cheadle Hulme (MUNCH)
6th and 7th of October 2007 ... a conference run by students for students between the ages of 15 and 18.
It follows almost exactly the same mechanisms as the real UN and discusses the same topics with the same countries present. The various committees are chaired by students and the student delegates are given a country to research and represent at the conference ... we are hoping to get over 300 students present representing over 80 countries.
"We are looking for schools who would like to join us this year either physically or electronically at conference or who are willing to act as advisers to those schools representing the countries in the Far East." ... CLICK to download info (word doc)

24-25 February 2007 venue: Royal University of Phnom Penh
CamTESOL was established in February 2004 as a mechanism to organise an annual conference on English Language Teaching (ELT) in Cambodia.

Free email account with address
A repeat offer from the last newsletter .....
Would you like a free email account with the domain name
If yes then just send me an email with your first name / last name / and the username you would like and I shall create it for you. The actual email engine being used for this is Google's gmail .. so very reliable, confidential and trustworthy.
After I've created the account for you then just log in at to send and read email .... this is open to the first 80 that ask .... ONLY for teachers in international schools.

A TRIAD of Tech Exhibitions (Conferences)
Did anyone else find it a strange coincidence that three of the biggest technology events in the world all overlapped in the same week .... fortunately the online coverage gets better each year ..... here are some links to reviews ...
- CES Consumer Electronics Show 8-11 Jan 2007 Las Vegas ... next is 7-10 Jan 2008
          : reviews/video coverage at | DL.TV | Keynotes | engadget | cnet | BBCworld |

- BETT British Education Technology 10-13 Jan 2007 London ... next 9-12 Jan 2008
          : reviews/video coverage at | Teacher's TV | BETT Preview | Naace Lounge | Leon Cych | What does good ICT look like? | Minister |

- MacWorld 8-11 Jan 2007 (THE Apple event in San Francisco) ... next is 14-18 Jan 2008
          : review/video coverage at | Steve Jobs Keynote | engadget | Macworld Mag | Maccast | BBCworld |

.. and while here why not listen to some music,
use this mini-browser

Shambles Poster for Staffroom Noticeboards : Full of I.T.
It would be appreciated if you could download and print out this A4 notice for your staffroom noticeboard.
download Shambles A4 size poster for staffroom noticeboards


That's IT
The next newsletter will be 3rd May 2007


Any feedback you can give about this newsletter is always appreciated
.... especially ideas or contributions for future editions ...

If you know of any new international schools opening in the region - Brunei Burma/Myanmar Cambodia China Hong Kong (HKSAR) India Indonesia Japan Laos Macau Malaysia Philippines Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand Vietnam - then please let me know

  It would be appreciated if you could tell
colleagues about the Shambles newsletter

email Chris Smith
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If you know of any commercial companies or organisations that might be interested in sponsoring a future newsletter then please feel free to forward this newsletter to them .... many thanks.

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