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Uservoice : Forum for Feedback and Suggestions
Uservoice communities are the easiest way to turn customer feedback into action
On other projects we were left frustrated and overwhelmed when trying to grasp what our users really wanted. Unorganized inboxes and clogged ticket systems ruled the day. Forums were awash with duplication, user support was impossible to determine, and valuable ideas were lost in the shuffle.
UserVoice adds structure to feedback and reduces the overhead of an honest dialog with our users ó It creates a market around good ideas so we get more quality than quantity.
Uses Social Voting to prioritise development topics and items.
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Voxopop ... a forum platform (message board) ... using voice instead of text.
Voxopop talkgroups let you discuss your interests and passions with people from all over the world, using your real voice. It's a whole new way to talk online. Find talkgroups to join, or start your own and spread the word. Great for families & friends, interest groups, website owners, bloggers, podcasters and teachers. Start talking, it's FREE!
Now I wonder how this could be used in teaching and learning ... modern foreign languages and ESL immediately comes to mind ... with speaking and listening skills.
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Wetpaint has a forum faclity built-in
Wetpaint has a forum built-in
A Wetpaint website is built on the power of collaborative thinking. Here, you can create websites that mix all the best features of wikis, blogs, forums and social networks into a rich, user-generated community based around the whatever-it-is that rocks your socks. A social website thatís so easy to use, anyone can participate.
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Nabble : Free Forums + Other Embeddable Apps
Nabble : Free Forums + Other Embeddable Apps
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Forumotion is a professional, easy to use, free forum hosting service.
We offer you the best free forums softwares: PhpBB 2 and 3, Invision (IPB) and PunBB!
Our free message boards will provide you with the best quality and stability you can get in free forum hosting.
Create a forum today and start your community!
Free and unlimited forum. Unlimited messages and users!
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Get Satisfaction
Get Satisfaction provides real-time, dynamic customer support content that leverages the wisdom of crowds.
Get Satisfaction is a community that helps people to get the most from the products they use, and where companies are encouraged to get real with their customers.
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Twing ... to search forums
Twing ... to search forums
Search and Discover Communities with Twing's Discussion Forums Search Engine
Extensive filtering sidebar thatís present for narrowing down all of your search results.
Modify existing searches by category, forum name, exact phrase inclusion or exclusion, and more.
This is helpful in the sense that it lets you sift through the forums without having to read through all of them.
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Lefora Free Forum Hosting
Lefora Free Forum Hosting
The Lefora Team got fed up with the lack of features available in message boards, such as vbulletin and phpbb forums. We use them everyday, from art forums, to game forums, to tech forums - we couldn't get over just how old school they were. Something needed to be done! So we created a free forum hosting service.
We've taken our development experiences and put them together to create what we believe is how discussions should happen on the web. Our forums are social, engaging, easy to use, free, and most importantly - fun. We dread things like clicking through multiple pages, not being able to filter out annoying posters, dealing with spam, the necessity to create an account just to make a quick comment, staring at butt-ugly templates, never getting notified of responses to our questions, not being able to embed YouTube videos... The list just keeps going on, we're sure you're familiar with our complaints.
We also know how hard it has been up until now to find a simple forum hosting provider. It takes just a few clicks to get a blog going; why can't a forum hosting be that way?
FREE - Yes, we said free. No limit on the amount of posts or members in your forum.
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This is the right place to compare the features of all those forum tools (aka. bulletin board systems) you heard of. ForumMatrix is here to help you decide which forum is the best for your needs.
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Main Chat and Forum Solutions on Shambles
Main Area for Chat and Forum Solutions on Shambles
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Aceboard provides you with powerful, free and fully customizable forums. If you would like to create a community around your website, get your visitors' opinion and be able to chat with them : Aceboard is what you need !
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BoardReader was developed to address the shortcomings of current search engine technology to accurately find and display information contained on the Web's forums and message boards. Founded in May 2000 by engineers and students from the University of Michigan, Boardreader uses proprietary software that allows users to search multiple message boards simultaneously, allowing users to share information in a truly global sense.
By creating an interface that corresponds with multiple boards simultaneously, users can find answers to their questions from others who share similar interests. Our goal is to allow our users to search the ?uman to human?discussions that exist on the Internet.
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