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File Storage
File Storage .. if you are just looking for a space online to drop your files .. see this list.
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Online Code Repository
Online Code Repository
The goal is to have working code for all the algorithms in the book in a variety of languages. So far, we have Java, Lisp and Python versions of most of the algorithms. There is also some old code in C++, C# and Prolog, but these are not being maintained. We also have a directory full of data files.
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PHPSnaps is a source code repository for small re-usable PHP snippets. It simply works by adding your code and sharing it with other people.
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The Apache Software Foundation : Source Code Repository
The Apache Software Foundation : Source Code Repository
Our developers are located all around the world. To enable them to work together on our software, we keep the source code in an Internet-accessible revision control system called Subversion (SVN). Apache committers have write access to the Subversion repository, enabling them to make changes to the source code.
Everyone has read access to the repositories, so you may download the most up-to-date development version of the software. If you are looking for a stable release of the source code, you should download it from the distribution directory.
The Subversion repository should only be used if you want to be on the bleeding-edge of the development effort. The code contained in them may fail to work, or it may even eat your hard drive. There are several ways to access the Subversion repository:
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Snipplr was designed to solve a simple problem. We had too many random bits of code and HTML scattered all over our computers.
We'd hunt and dig around for five minutes looking for the couple lines of code we wrote four projects ago just so we wouldn't have to retype them. We're lazy. We needed a way to keep all of our stuff organized. Snipplr is our solution.
Now, all of our code snippets are stored in one place. Best of all, the other guys at work have access to each others' code library.
With Snipplr you can keep all of your frequently used code snippets in one place that's accessible from any computer. You can share your code with other visitors and use what they post, too.
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15 Fantastic Finds ...
15 Fantastic Finds on the Google Code Repository
Google Code Repository is a section of Google that, just like SourceForge, allows developers to upload their code for others to use under license. The repository was launched in 2006 and after searching through its archives, I found a number of interesting scripts and other goodies that would be an asset in any website owner/website builder’s arsenal.
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This is the pygame code repository, a place to store, display and share community-submitted python game code. Our goal here is to help the members of the pygame community learn from one another, and to reduce the amount of duplication that occurs in pygame projects. Please feel free to examine and use any of the code in the repository in your project.
The repository is always accepting submissions! If you have a snippet of code you think others could benefit from, please select "submit" above. We're looking for code samples ranging in size from single functions to fully-developed classes, touching on any area of python game creation.
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As the leading resource for open source software development and distribution, SourceForge is dedicated to making open source projects successful and thrives on community collaboration.
Using the tools provided on this platform, 2.7 million developers create powerful software in over 260,000 projects. Our popular directory connects more than 46 million consumers with these open source projects and serves more than 2,000,000 downloads a day.
SourceForge is where open source happens.
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GitHub ... Free public repositories, collaborator management, issue tracking, wikis, downloads, code review, graphs and much more…
GitHub is the best way to collaborate with others. Fork, send pull requests and manage all your public and private git repositories.
Git is an extremely fast, efficient, distributed version control system ideal for the collaborative development of software.
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