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  Games: General (Y7-12)

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Find Similar Games
On SimilarGames.org you can find similar games to others.
If you know a game that you like and want to replace it with a similar one, similargames.org is your source for finding it.
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List of Games from ... Maria Andersen
List of Games from ... Maria Andersen
Nicely displayed in an interactive mindmap.
Maria is also a well know speaker and author on Games in Education ... teaching and learning.
Twitter: busynessgirl
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Bridges and Boats (for 2 people)
Bridges and Boats (for 2 people)
Bridges and Boats is strategic war game in which the attacker is trying to get soldiers across a major river while the enemy tries to stop them.
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Mind Games : free software to download
Mind Games : free software to download
1check; 8off; abalone; awari; bookwormz; brickXbrick; broken; chainmesh; conquer; diamonds; dodge; dosgames; f8puzzle; fours; freecell; friday13; guesswhat; guessword; hex;hexafit; letterart; listfile; lls; ludo; magicsquare; make9x5; makeaword; makebridge; makenum; masterm; maze; mendicot; mutorere; nim; numgrid; p3x20; p5x36; patternmaker; poemmaker; rotapics; sesa; serword; sudoku; swords; tangram; topic; viewer; word2letters; wordbuket; wordladder; xword
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Syvum Online Activities
Syvum Online Activities - | Trigonometry | GRE Test Preparation | Physics - Gravitation | Starlines Inc. | Assimilation | Labyrinth |
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