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Kids Make Music Online .. listed in #LiveBinders
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SoundCloud is a platform that puts your sound at the heart of communities, websites and even apps. Watch conversations, connections and social experiences happen, with your sound as the spark.
The SoundCloud waveform not only makes sound look good, it makes it social. Record on the fly or upload something you made before and see how the shape of your sound starts a conversation.
Your sounds are free to go anywhere on the web with SoundCloud. Share privately to your family, publish to social networks or embed your sounds on your site.
In the App Gallery youíll find over 100 apps for desktop, web and mobile all built to amplify your SoundCloud experience. Create, capture, share and interact with sounds in brand new ways.
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Bloom HD
Bloom, the acclaimed app by ambient pioneer Brian Eno and musician / software designer Peter Chilvers has been fully reworked to take advantage of the iPadís larger screen.
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iPad Apps for Music Making
iPad Apps for Music Making
| Full-Featured Studios | Controllers | Instruments and Sound Software | DJ Apps | AudioTools |
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Shamblesguru 'Creating Music 2.0' Video Picks on YouTube
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5 Favorite iPad Music Creation Apps
My 5 Favorite iPad Music Creation Apps
As a lapsed musician, I find no comment about the iPad more off-base than ďitís a device for consumption, not creation.Ē
Thanks to the App Storeís low price barriers, the ingenuity of app developers and the jumbo touchscreen, Iíve had a blast creating all kinds of music on the iPad, from instrumental compositions to far-out noise experiments.
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