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  Ancient Music

Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
Music Guide: Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
From the 14th to 17th centuries, a cultural Renaissance was occurring in Europe. Advancements in politics, science, art and music contributed to the development of a more cultural society. Music, in particular, was an important part of life during the medieval and renaissance periods; it served as a form of entertainment as well as communication amongst towns people.
Musical instruments were an integral part of medieval music; musicians called troubadours travelled from village to village with their instruments to spread the latest news and play songs. Troubadours played for both noble people and common people alike. Minstrels, on the other hand, were servants of the court tasked with only playing music for the monarchy and their guests.
There were several instruments to choose from, including those appropriate for travel and playing amongst large audiences.
Instruments across all the major categories were available including wind, string, keyboard, and percussion instruments.
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Ancient music at Wikipedia
Ancient music at Wikipedia
Ancient music refers to the various musical systems that were developed across various geographical regions such as Persia, India, China, Greece, Rome, Egypt and Mesopotamia (see music of Mesopotamia, Greek music, Roman music).
Ancient music is designated by the characterization of the basic audible tones and scales. It may have been transmitted through oral or written systems.
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