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Paiboon Publishing (th)
Paiboon Publishing
The Publisher for Southeast Asian Languages
Paiboon Publishing was established in 1996 in Berkeley, California, USA.
We produce high-quality, user-friendly language learning materials that help people to communicate and make new friends.
Our language products include: Smartphone apps, books, audio CDs and more.
Buy our Smartphone Apps at the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store; search for “Paiboon.”
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Chulalongkorn University Printing House (th)
Chulalongkorn University Printing House
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The Living Hour (th)
An independent Thailand-based publisher providing unique Thai language books that focus on the colloquial language of Thailand (including Isaan), helping expats and tourists more fully enjoy their stay in the Kingdom.
Also publishes books on Progressive Spirituality.
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Bangkok Book House (th)
Bangkok Book Hous ... English language publisher in Thailand
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Thai Fruit &Vegetable Carving Books (th)
Garnishing books published in Thailand, in both English and Thai, shipped from the US throughout the world.
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Pink Lemon Book Online
PinkLemon.com is a online store that bringing Thai books, magazines, map, music and more at reasonable prices for Thai people abroad or anybody who love Thai, Thai style and Thailand.
We are the first that review the books and magazines in Thai and English. You can buy only the issue that you want, no need yearly subscribe and worldwide delivery. we are able to offer buying service for your special requests in case that you want to buy something but not available in Internet.
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Thaibrary Books (th)
Welcome to the rental bookshop on Sukhumvit 24 - Thaibrary books. The first book specialist place in Bangkok where you can borrow any books, just like a normal library back at home.... Lots of Fiction, Asian fiction, TEFL Teaching Materials, and coming soon non-fiction and history section and travel section.
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Chula Book Store (th)
KNOWLEDGE, books and universities are closely related to one another. The rewarding thing for chula students as well as the public alike is that, Chulalongkorn University has developed one of the best book stores in this country, if not one of the best and largest, in terms of book circulation, among the whole of Southeast Asian countries.
C.U. Book Centre was founded in 1975, as one of the university's experimental projects. Its first operating location was on the ground floor of the Faculty of Economics Building, which was officially opened 2 years later in 1977. Later, due to its immense success and popularity, the centre naturally needed more space and moved to its present location in 1993, with Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn presiding over the official opening.
The site is in English and Thai
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Thammasat University Bookstore (th)
The Thammasat University bookstore, an ancillary offshoot of the University, operates under the university's policy and the supervision of the Thammasat University Bookstore Board and Thammasat University Executive committee. And property or assets that may accrue to the bookstore belong to the University. Established in 1980, the bookstore offers educational and promotional activities in two directions :-
- Sale of publications issued by the university press, faculties, academic disciplines as well as by individual faculty member.
- Acquisition of publications from domestic and foreign sources to supplement university instruction at both the undergraduate and postgradute leveled as well as in numerous shortcourse programmes.
Currently, tha Bookstore extends its services to other Universities in the form of wholesale transaction.
The site is in English and Thai
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Siam Novella Books (th)
Siam Novella Books happy to welcome you to our website. Click on the Thai Reader Icon if you are in Thailand and the World Reader for the world net users.
The click from either gate way will tell us where our web visitors come from. We wish to provide a good and appropriate service for each client.
We hope you will find something that suite your style of reading. There are many books that will help brush up your mind and build a great resource. Books are categorized in our site. English books that related to Thailand also available here.
Siam Novella Books is E-Book Shop By Krysakul Co., Ltd. Bangkok Thailand.
The site is in English and Thai
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Nai In Bookstore (th)
This site is mainly in Thai .. but with some English.
They offer a discount for books ordered online, there is also a newsletter to subscribe to.
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