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  Myanmar Int.Schs (mm)

Brainworks-Total International School Yangon (mm)
Brainworks-Total Myanmar School.
Our aim is providing a caring learning environment where children receive an affordable,high-quality education of an international standard.
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Yangon Academy (mm)
YANGON ACADEMY is an English-medium private school offering an American-based international curriculum.
At YANGON ACADEMY children are encouraged to develop to their full potential, academically and emotionally, while nurtured by a challenging but supportive environment.
YANGON ACADEMY opened its doors in 2004 for Nursery aged, Pre-School and Kindergarten classes, in 2005, and for Nursery to Grades 3.
In 2006, we added Grades 4 and 5. Then in 2007, we added Grade 6. In 2008, we have added Grade 7.
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MIES International School (mm)
MIES International School in Yangon, Myanmar : MIES is a private international standard school. English is our medium of instruction.
The curriculum is based on a North American model. Modification is made in the curriculum to meet the needs of our students. Textbooks are all current, published by international companies. For 2006-7 school year we have classes from Nursery (age 3) to grade 8 (14 - 15 years of age). Our normal school year is from August to June. Our teachers are all international experienced educators, from grade 1 - 8 they are normally native speakers.
Class sizes are small and all have an assistant teacher which enables us to provide more individual attention. There is a computer in every class complete with internet access.
We offer special classes in Myanmar Language and Culture, Chinese, Art, Music, PE and Computer. Most of our students are Myanmar. We do however have children from 15 different countries.
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The International Standard Elementary School | The Principal | 45, Pyay Road, 6 mile | Hlaing Township | Yangon (Rangoon) | Myanmar | mm | miesedu@baganmail.net.mm | http://www.miesintschool.com | tel: +(95) 1 525 670 | fax: +(95) 525 670 |
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The International School of Yangon (mm)
The origins of International School Yangon can be traced to an American lady, Miss Jevne, who tutored a friend's child in her free time. This was in 1952. Lacking facilities for an American-type education, other parents sent their children to Miss Jevne, and the class grew to over thirty students.
International School Yangon (ISY) offers a challenging and comprehensive elementary and college-preparatory program in the English language to a student body comprised mostly of expatriates residing temporarily in Myanmar. Drawing largely from American curriculum models and sensitive to the international composition of the student body and to its Myanmar setting, ISY strives to generate a life-long love for learning both within and beyond the classroom.
The International School of Yangon is accredited by Western Association of Schools & Colleges
The school offers instruction in English to pre-kindergarten through grade twelve students from twenty-seven different countries.
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The International School of Yangon | 20 Shwe Taung yar | Bahan Township | Yangon (Rangoon) | Myanmar | mm | director.i.s.y@gmail.com | http://www.internationalschoolyangon.org/ | tel: +(95) 1 512 793 | fax: +(95) - | Burma | Myanmar | School | Yangon | WASC |
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International School of Myanmar (mm)
Welcome to International School of Myanmar (Yangon International Educare Centre).
We offer both American & British curriculums that prepares students for entry into universities around the world.
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International School of Myanmar | W -22, Mya Kan Thar Main Road, Mya Kan Thar Housing, 5th Quarter, Hlaing Townshiop, Yangon, Myanmar | mm | yiec02@myanmar.com.mm | http://www.yiec.org | Burma | Myanmar | School | Yangon |
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If you wish to modify any of the school details or suggest a missing school (or remove a school that has closed) then click on the link above to go to the registration/updating form
Changes or additions will not be accepted anonymously so please ensure that you include not only the school email address but also your own.
Please keep in mind that these should be international schools, as a guideline this usually means offering a curriculum that is different from that in the countries local schools and having a student body that has a large (but not exclusive) population of expatriates.
Thank you, in advance, for your input.
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Myanmar | Burma | mm | schools | school | update | new | modify | amend | change |
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