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Jaieducation (in)
Jaieducation.com: Is a purely informative website which provides exact information"s at right time, related to Entrance Exams, Colleges, Results and jobs.
Entrance Exam Notification : which will cover the topics like important application dates, examination schedule, eligibility, syllabus, exam fee and others.
Colleges Information’s : It provides the information related to college ranking, establishment, placement profile, courses offered, admission eligibility, admission procedure , contact details and other important links.
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10,000 Schools in India to Adopt the Cloud (in)
All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is deploying a suite of cloud-based applications to more than 7 million students and nearly 500,000 faculty members in more than 10000 technical colleges and institutes throughout the country.
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International curriculum becomes affordable (in)
International curriculum becomes affordable
A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the non-profit Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) and the IB Organisation
AKDN has a substantial presence in India with 85,000 beneficiaries under its wrap. They have 10 schools located in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, including two in Mumbai.
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K-12 education in India (in)
K-12 education in India
Imparting quality K-12 education to the largest possible student population across the country has always been a ‘top of mind' issue for the government. A step forward in this direction has been the amendment of the Right to Education act that make this right stricter than before.
Under the Right to Education act, 2009 private schools shall admit at least 25% students from poor families and no seats under this quota shall be left vacant.
Through this amendment, government has attempted to ensure that the ideal of free and compulsory education is achieved in the true sense.
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Innovative education in India and South Asia (in)
ICTs provide a platform for innovative education in India and South Asia
The “Survey of ICTs for Education in India and South Asia”, supported by the Finnish Trust Fund, found that successful schools use ICTs throughout the curriculum, not just for basic computer literacy. Re-creating this success means paying more attention to curriculum and content development, teacher capacity-building, and creative approaches to better maintain hardware and software.
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The Hindu : Education News (in)
The Hindu : Education News
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StudyGuideIndia (in)
StudyGuideIndia ... List of colleges, education loan, scholarships, college rating etc.
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Teaching About India (in)
Teaching About India ... resources.
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ICT in school education (in)
ICT in school education - the model of the Byrraju Foundation
In order to strengthen the quality of education in rural schools, the Byrraju Foundation has adopted 294 rural government schools, located in 198 villages in six districts of Andhra Pradesh, India. In addition to the pedagogical methods that are followed in each school, the Byrraju Foundation has introduced Information Communications Technology (ICT) with the help of alliance partners.
The programme - "ICT in School Education - 6 Point Approach: A Byrraju Model" deals with 6 ICT interventions to help teachers and students to increase their understanding of science, mathematics and other skills at primary (standard one-to-5) and secondary (standard six-to-10) education levels.
The Interactive ICT programme (Ashwini - A Virtual platform) targets slow learners, and is available out of school hours to improve their quality of understanding. The Computer Aided Learning Programme (CAL) is for the benefit of students of standard six-to-10 using ICT tools. IBM Kidsmart caters to students of standard one-to-five.
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Montessori Teacher Training (in)
CERDS(Centre for Educational Research and Developmental Studies) offers Montessori Teacher Training using Montessori tools,methods and principles.
Centre for Educational Research and Development Studies, is situated an area near Kerala, India, within easy access of towns such as Kottayam, Cochin, Allappey, Kumly, and Quilon. It is ideally placed for those who wish to study in a small, friendly, rural backwater setting.
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Genesis Career Counsellors (in)
Genesis Career Counsellors (India)
Genesis is an organization that assists students in pursuing overseas education in universities in UK, Australia, China, S. Africa, Russia, Cyprus and Belarus. Genesis is a result-oriented company, dedicated in guiding and assisting individual profiles to chalk a career pathway to suit within the limitations that may reign in each case. These limitations may be economical, educational, or individual.
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Academy One- Study Abroad consultants (in)
Academy One- Study Abroad consultants
Consultation for MS,Ph.D, MBA in US, UK , Europe and Australia
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India Education Plan (in)
India Education Plan
The Census of India 2001 records an increase 12.6 percentage points over the literacy rate of 1991, the highest in any decade.
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University Grants Commission (in)
University Grants Commission in India
The UGC has the unique distinction of being the only grant-giving agency in the country which has been vested with two responsibilities: that of providing funds and that of coordination, determination and maintenance of standards in institutions of higher education.
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School of Broadcasting & Communication (in)
School of Broadcasting & Communication
School of Broadcasting & Communication was incorporated with a vision of bringing world class, state-of-art broadcasting and media education and technology to the Indian sub-continent.
SBC harbors the vision of envisaging to provide the Indian media, broadcast, and journalism industry with trained and skilled personnel, who are equipped with the latest technologies and other related skill-sets; and are empowered to meet the dynamic challenges in the global industry landscape
Diploma in Media Techniques | Certificate in Business Journalism | Certificate in Advertising and Strategic Planning | Certificate in Voicing | Certificate in News Reading | Certificate in Anchoring | Certificate in Modeling | Certificate in Direction | Certificate in Script Writing | Certificate in Cartooning | Bachelor of Journalism | Bachelor of Mass Communication | M. A in Broadcast Journalism | M. A. in Mass Communication | M. A in Advertising and Public Relations | Master of Journalism | P. G. Diploma in Video Production |
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India School Homepages (in)
Is your school featured here? Would you like to have a homepage for your school? Send in the details through your principal. Write to us about what a great place your school is. Share your thoughts with other students from your school and with those from other schools. Mail to Preethi Click here to send the information now.
India | in | school | schools | webpages | websites |
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ZeeLearn (in)
India Education Portal
We have created several new paradigms in learning, including tele-education, corporate training modules, community learning centres, student curriculum support, multimedia services and early learning aids for children.
The emphasis now is to blend satellite, video, the Internet and multimedia with traditional classroom learning and course material so as to boost learning effectiveness.
India | in | portal | education | platform |
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Schools Resources & Guides (in)
Education resources in India
India | in | education | resources | portal | exam results online |
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University Grants Commission (in)
The University Grants Commission (UGC) is a statutory organisation established by an act of Parliament in 1956. This is a national body for the coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of University education. The UGC serves as a vital link between the Union and State Governments and the institution of higher learning.
India | in | University Grants Commission |
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Schools and Colleges (in)
Education Portal in India
India | in | education | schools | colleges | career guidance | entrance exams | CV building guide |
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Education India Net (in)
An India Education Portal
We plan to structure our content around the school curricula. This will help us connect with our audience better and make the process of learning at schools, from teachers, from parents, and through books more rewarding. Join us as students, teachers, parents, educators, and curious observers or as anybody who has a stake in the future of mankind and let us attempt to live the past 3000 years.
India | in | education | portal |
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School Websites in India (in)
A comprehensive list of school sites in India ... not just international schools. Also includes a list of universities
India | in | schools | school |
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