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Welcome Virtual BETT 2004 & Virtual Educ.Fair 2003
Subject Departments International Schools Websites Showcased
ELT Software + AuthorPlus Advertising on Shambles
Principals and Headteachers                 ECIS Advice Booklet for Teachers
Classroom of the Future International Education Indicators Website
Special Educational Needs Webcams
Shambles Tour 2003 e-learning
Virtual School : for Prof.Dev. Software Suppliers - request for help
Olympics 2004 PDAs and portables in the Classroom

Welcome to the fourth Shambles newsletter ... it is hard to believe that we are now into our second year.

As a reminder ... 'The Education Project Asia" is a consultancy designed to offer support to International Schools in S.E.Asia ... especially in the area of integration of ICT across the curriculum.

Subject Departments on Shambles

Since the last newsletter there are been a large revision of the Shambles website ... the feedback last year indicated that subject teachers were finding it difficult to navigate around the website to find there own subject-related links and resources .... hence the concept of "Departments" was born on the site which may well become more convenient and easier to use than the original navigation.

Try your own subject by clicking here :
| Mathematics | English | Science | Information Technology | Geography | History | Religious Education |
| Art and Design | Design and Technology | Music | Modern Foreign Languages | Physical Education |
| SEN | ESL | The School Library | The ICT Technician Room |

ELT Software + AuthorPlus
www.clarity.com.hk and www.AuthorPlus.com

The Author Plus Online website is now up at www.AuthorPlus.com. It gives comprehensive information on just about everything you need to know about APO and includes both Teacher and Student demos ... APO allows you to put interactive activities (any subject) on a website to work on in class or at home.

The termly Clarity newsletter "Loud and Clear" was distributed in the middle of October .... if you are a teacher with an English or ESL interest or responsibility then this should be of interest to you ... to get your free paper copy by 'snail mail' then just email info@clarity.com.hk

I shall be running a workshop at TechEX http://www.rism.ac.th/techex in Bangkok on 7th November which will use some of these ELT software solutions.

Principals and Headteachers
A new page is being built on the Shambles website specifically to support Principals, Headteachers and Senior Management Members .... your views and feedback would be most welcome by email.
Classroom of the Future

Most schools around the world are involved in compiling development plans that attempt to chart a way into the future .... which is not an easy task as change is taking place so rapidly. This area of 'Shambles' has links to a number of websites that offer help with this task.

Ruamrudee International School, in Bangkok, have a project they refer to as "The Classroom of the Future" www.rism.ac.th/MSweb/academic/future/index.asp ... the theory and pedagogy is well documented ... but the first practical aspect that impacted when I visited the school were their learning and teaching environments .... if you are redesigning your classrooms then have a word with this school.

Unfortunately budgets often limit the options when designing a school environment ... I wonder how suitable this commercial office layout, seen recently, would be for a school (maybe a staffroom? .. no .. too tidy).... click for a larger image.
nothing fishy here ... or is there?
Special Educational Needs

If you have a Special Needs interest then you can save yourself time by having the latest UK news and updates sent to you automatically without you having to go searching ... go to the website above and click on "subscribe'.

Other country updating options can be found at www.shambles.net/sen/

If you are interested in some online SEN training ... to be done in your own time and at your own pace then have a look at the options at "Fieldwork Online Training" ... part of a 'whole-school' opportunity.

Shamble Tour 2004 - Cancelled
Unfortunately the course planned for February in Bangkok has been cancelled due to lack of numbers.
Virtual School - Useful for Professional Development

Have you aspirations to be a senior manager, or even a Principal or Headteacher (assuming you are not already one) .... and you'd like to practice first to decide if it really is what you want.? Well there are not many schools that are willing to take the risk and letting you experiment on then .... EXCEPT .. there is one ... a Virtual School online. Developed by the National College for School Leadership (NCSL).

Virtual School is a high-tech multiple choice game which can be used by subject heads taking part in NCSL’s 'Leading from the Middle' programme which got underway in November 2002. The unique learning tool has been developed by NCSL to provide participants on the programme with a safe environment in which to practice their leadership skills.

It is not available online so you will need to contact NCSL directly for more details.

Olympics 2004

The 2004 Olympics are just around the corner .... there are links to many related website on 'Shambles' .. be sure to visit the USA site which has a section particularly suitable for younger students.

Virtual BETT and Virtual Education Fair
www.virtexpo.com/bett and www.hobsons.com/
BETT - 7th to 10th January 2004 : is the largest exhibition in the UK related to IT and Education ... there is just no competition, it is held in early January each year in London. Now there is an option for teachers to attend online ... so the school saves on the airfares and the disruption to teaching is kept to a minimum .... click on the link above for details ... but those attending 'virtually' might not get so much sleep that week.

Virtual Education Fair- 27 Oct. to 2 Nov. 2003 : for students and families looking for colleges and universities .... and an essential resource for careers staff and Y12 teachers.
NOT to be missed - there are even six FREE scholarships that will be given away ...

everything you need to study abroad in one internet event...
... and it is FREE to register and participate

Click to enter the virtual education fair
CLICK on this
screen image to enter

International Schools Websites - Showcased

In each newsletter I like to highlight a few of the webpages from International Schools in S.E.Asia:

emascots - Beijing Int. Sch. http://www.biss.com.cn/
The goal of this site is to encourage journal writing, email writing and cross cultural correspondence with an invitation to other International Schools to participate.

The British School Manila ... http://www.britishschoolmanila.org/
OK not a website but I didn't know where else to ask ... I'm told that their school tuckshop produces the best Aussie Pies and Mushy Peas outside of Australia ... can this be true?

Advertising on Shambles

Not many schools have taken up the advertising options on 'Shambles' which is a surprise as our pages do come up high in search engines.

'Shambles' is a free service because of sponsorship and advertising ... your support would be appreciated .. email me for more details if interested csmith@csmith.info

ECIS (CIS) : The Essential Guide for Teachers in International Schools

Whether you are new to teaching in International Schools or not then this A5 sized guide is packed with useful information.

To order your copy send a cheque, payable to CIS, for UK pounds 5.95 (drawn on a UK-located bank), plus UK pounds 1.50 postage outside the UK.
Or US dollars 9.50 plus (drawn on a US-located bank), payable to CIS, plus US dollars 2.50 postage outside the UK.

The Council of International Schools, 21 Lavant Street, Petersfield,
Hampshire, GU32 3EL, UK
Or contact Katherine White KatherineWhite@ECIS.org

Education Indicators: An International Perspective

Education Indicators: An International Perspective is a compilation of indicators from a multitude of data sources which provides a rich array of information on the current state of education internationally. They are intended to provide snapshots of the U.S. education system in comparison to systems in countries around the world.


Whatever your topic or subject there is a relevant web camera online somewhere ..
...... use this page to find it.

This page is also designed to list any webcams that have been set up in International Schools ... so if you have one in school then please email me the details.


The elearning page on Shambles has changed ... as well as the philosophy, theory and 'whole-school' perspective there is now a section specifically for classroom teachers called "Get Your Class Online" .. this lists resources that can be used, many free, to support teaching and learning.

These are areas which give you an easy and quick website but also others that give you solutions and options to make quizzes online, publish student's work, publish your own worksheets, share files online, share bookmarks and favourites online. run a survey, build an online photo album plus lots more.

NOTE: The UK is in the middle of a consultation exercise looking at elearning called "Towards a Unified e-Learning Strategy" with comments invited before the January 30th deadline. The 50 page review document is recommended to anyone interested in this subject .... www.dfes.gov.uk/elearningstrategy/

A recent USA publication "Learning for the 21st Century" compliments this UK initiative www.21stcenturyskills.org and would be a worthwhile addition to your Prof.Dev. library. 

Software Suppliers - request for help
A request for help ... I am compiling a list of (trustworthy) educational software suppliers and agents in S.E.Asia countries ... I should be most grateful if you would email me to let me know of any companies that you have used and who provided you with good sales and support services for educational software in your country. (not hardware)
PDAs and Mobile Devices in the classroom


That's IT
I hope you have found something here again that can be of help when working with your students, colleagues and parents ... and also something of personal interest as well.

The next newsletter will be March 2004


Any feedback you can give about this newsletter would be appreciated .... especially ideas or contributions for future editions ...

If you know of any new international schools opening in the region - Brunei Burma/Myanmar Cambodia China Hong Kong (HKSAR) India Indonesia Japan Laos Macau Malaysia Philippines Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand Vietnam - the please let me know csmith@csmith.info

May I be the first to wish you an enjoyable Christmas and New Year

email Chris Smith

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