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 Librarians ICT INSET 2000-2002 : Membership
If you wish to be kept informed about this course please join the:
  • 'mailing list' (listserv) which has been set up to help members of the course (and others who may be interested such as INSET co-ordinators) communicate using email.
  • to join the listserv just send an email to
  • any email sent to is then retransmitted to all members of the group (once approved by the moderator)
  • anyone can join this list not just course members
The Library Association (LAICT) website is at
The KENT IT in Schools (KITSch) website is at
This page was last updated 2 September 2001

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Island School (secondary)

KGV School (secondary)

South Island School

  • Sheila Crew (Head of Library, parttime) [LAICT username:sc4a] [ withdrawn Oct2000 ]
  • Betty Ow (Librarian) [LAICT username:bo1a] [KITSch username:bo3k]
  • Joe Wong (Library Assistant) [LAICT username:jw5a] [KITSch username:bo3k]

Sha Tin College

  • Janet Ho (Librarian) [LAICT username:jh10a] [withdrawn Jan2001]
  • Carmen Wong (Librarian) [-] [joined Sept 2001]

West Island School

  • Allison Cocks (Librarian) [LAICT username:ac3a] [KITSch username:ac40k]

Beacon Hill School (primary)

Bradbury School (primary)

  • Jacinta Dougal - [LAICT username:jd3a] [KITSch username:jd30k] returned to UK 6-2001
  • Susan Filer (replaced Jacinta Sept 2001) [module 4 onwards]

Clearwater Bay School (primary)

  • Judith Robertshaw (Lib Assis / parttime)[LAICT username:jr1a] [KITSch username:jr34k]

Glenealy School

  • Anise Nasser - [LAICT username:an2a] [KITSch username:an11k]

Kennedy School (primary)

Kowloon Junior School (primary)

  • Janet Mann - [LAICT username:jm7a] [KITSch username:jm70k]
  • Sue Dickson [LAICT username:sd4a] [KITSch username:sd30k] returned to UK 3-2001
  • Jenni Proctor (New Librarian Rose St. 3-2001)[module 3 onwards]

Peak School (primary)

Quarry Bay School (primary)

Sha Tin Junior School (primary)

J.C. Sarah Roe School (primary & secondary - SEN)

  • Sue Chan (Library Assistant)[LAICT username:sc5a] [KITSch username:sc62k]

J.C.Sarah Roe Centre (primary & secondary - Prof.Dev.)

  • Chris Smith (Head of JCSRC & ICT Advisor) [ co-ordinator / username:cs1a] [KITSch username:cs50k]
  • Louise Kay (JCSRC Librarian) [LAICT username:lk1a] [KITSch username:lk8k]

Foundation Management Office

  • - - [ -]

Other Hong Kong International Schools

German Swiss International School (primary & secondary)

  • Jane Thomas (Librarian, Lower School)[LAICT username:jt1a] [KITSch username:jt40k]
  • Ida Griffiths Zee Librarian/Senior School [LAICT username:ig1a] [KITSch username:ig4k]

Carmel School (secondary)

  • Carie Levin - [LAICT username:cl4a] [KITSch username:cl20k]

French International School (primary & secondary)

  • Sally Jeans (Secondary Librarian) [LAICT username:sj2a]

Chinese International School (primary & secondary)

  • Stella Wong (Primary Librarian) [LAICT username:sw1a] [KITSch username:sw60k]
  • Phoebe Wong (Secondary Librarian) [LAICT username:pw3a] [KITSch username:pw19k]

Kellett School (primary)

  • Lucy Summers -(Library Manager) [LAICT username:jp2a] [KITSch username:ls43k]
  • Jo Prior - [ withdrawn]

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