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IT and Information Management

November 9 - 11, 1998
Venue: J.C.Sarah Roe Centre,


- the list here is NOW CONFIRMED.... sorry we are now FULL
- for the guest list for the evening presentation Click Here

Please note that all course participants should have now received their course booklet!

Island School

  • Teresa Kong / Librarian (T,W)
  • Eva Bannon / Library Assistant (M,T,W-partly)

KGV School

  • Anne Burnett / Librarian (M,T,W)
  • Archie Hartwright / IT Co-ord (M,T,W)
  • Brian McDouall / Deputy Principal (W)

South Island School

  • Sheila Crew /Teacher i/c Library (M,T,W)
  • Betty Ow (M,T,W)
  • Trevor Taylor / HoD Hi (M)
  • Dave Wakeling / (T)
  • Chris Evans / Principal (W)
  • Val Smith (M,T,W)

Sha Tin College

West Island School

  • Rebecca Ipe / Librarian (M,T,W)
  • Polly Graham / Principal (M,T,W)
  • Mark Lewis / IT co-ordinator (M,T,W)

Beacon Hill School

  • Keith Purton / IT Co-ordinator (M,T,W)
  • Pete Fargher / Teacher i/c Library (M,T,W)
  • Dorothy Angel / Librarian (M,T,W)

Bradbury School

  • Carol Farrington / IT Co-ordinator (M,T)
  • Jacinta Dougal / Librarian

Clearwater Bay School

  • Louise Harding / Librarian (M,T,W)
  • Sue Smith / DP (M,T,W)
  • Kevin Rae / IT Co-ordinator (M)

Glenealy School

  • Anisa Nasser / Librarian (M,T,W)
  • Marion McNally (M-pm, W)
  • Natalie Straughen (M-pm,T-am)

Kennedy School

Kowloon Junior School

  • Colin Page / Deputy Principal (M,T,W)
  • Sandra Buck / IT Co-ordinator (M,T,W)
  • Sue Dickson / Librarian (M,T,W)
  • M J Claes / Librarian (M,T,W)

Peak School

  • Valerie Gabay / Librarian (M,T,W)
  • Steve Hallam / IT Co-ord. (M,T,W)

Quarry Bay School

  • Steve Jordan / IT Co-ordinator (M,T,W)
  • Lynn Morris (M,T)
  • Chris Slater / Librarian (M,T,W)

Sha Tin Junior School

J.C. Sarah Roe School

J.C.Sarah Roe Centre

Foundation Management Office

  • None

The requests below are confirmed except those schools asking for three places will unfortunately only be able to have two..... those schools are requested to let Chris Smith know which two it will be.

HK International School

New International School of Thailand

Chinese International School

Discovery Bay International School

  • Andy Edwards / Deputy Principal (T)
  • Viki Cameron / IT co-ordinator (M,T,W)
  • Pam Venter / Librarian (M,W)

German Swiss International School

  • Ida Griffiths-Zee / Senior Library (M,T,W)
  • Jane Thomas / Junior Library (M,T,W)

Canadian International School of HK

  • Annie Lau / Teacher-Librarian (M,T)

French International School of HK

  • Jacky Atkinson / Librarian-English Stream (M,W)
  • Danielle Weiler / Librarian-French Stream (M,W)

Kellett School

  • Tannwen James / Teacher i/c library (M,W)
  • Jo Prior / Librarian (M,W)

Delia School of Canada

  • Mark Warren / Teacher & Librarian (M,T,W)

The web page will be updated with the latest information as received.
Chris Smith, Head of JCSRC & IT Advisor
The English Schools Foundation
2A Tin Kwong Road, Homantin, Kowloon, HONG KONG
tel: (852) 2760 0441
fax: (852) 2760 0799

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