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In the education environment there are only a handfull of software packages that might by referred to as "killer applications" ... in the world of Mathematics experience has easily demonstrated that "Autograph" is one such package.

Dynamic PC software for teaching calculus, coordinate geometry, statistics and probability.

To email the development team in the UK for access to the 30 day free preview download (3.7 MB) and special offers (if applying through "Shambles") then click on the button to the right of this.

You will also received details of the free interactive tutorial guides and recordings, lesson plans, powerpoint presentations, fonts, toolbar buttons, internet data sets, CD, forum and files.

If you are a Maths / Math teacher then you will not be disappointed !

A version suitable for Chinese and Japanese Windows (98/ 2000/ XP) is about to be released

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For more details use these links:

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CLICK HERE to send an email to "Autograph" to request free 30 day trial or more information

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