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If you are already using Hotmail, Yahoomail or any of the other web-based mail systems available .... and you are looking for the next generation mail opportunity .... then try the Mail2World free option.
The FREE option gives you the functionality of Hotmail ... plus extras ......

sign up for you free account This is a "Shambles Preferred Solution"

For descriptions and details of the SERVICES such as , Web email, Contacts, Calendar, Organiser, Bookmarks, Translation, Notifier Service, Group Mailing then CLICK HERE
For specific details of the free and subscription options CLICK HERE

Web-based email relegates ordinary email services to the virtual Stone Age. Accessible literally from any Internet connection - even wireless applications like cell phones or PDAs - Mail2World's free Web-based email service offers features and convenience you need to stay in touch in the e-millennium.
Move comfortably and quickly through your email program, calendar, address book and a host of other features with M2W's instinctive interface.
Choose an email address that suits your personality from a list of categories that includes First Names, Cool & Fun, Interests, Professions, Places, Kids, Masculine, Feminine and Miscellaneous.
Type an email message in your native language, then have it translated immediately as you send it. You also get a translation tool for reading foreign-language text files

If looking for a whole-school solution :
If you want support or information regarding setting up a whole-school solution then please email Geoffrey Litman ..... this type of solution for a school will save a whole lot of pain and expense.

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